Elizabeth Reid is a Canadian-American violist and composer known for her heartfelt and captivating performances, which "delight with old-world and otherworldly charm" (That Canadian Magazine). Her compositions seamlessly blend Renaissance, Baroque, classical, and contemporary sensibilities, characterized by expressive phrasing and a distinctive, resonant tone. Elizabeth's curiosity drives her to study spectral music in Finland, compose with electronics that pair with her viola, and play in real-time with colleagues on Jamulus in North America and Europe. Her deep connection to her instrument and her ability to convey profound emotion make each performance a unique and memorable experience. She embraces the difficult, constantly pushing the boundaries of her art. 

Recent Review for Conjuring: Viola Music of David Jaeger (2023): "The remainder of the listen belongs to Reid, and it showcases the intricate string manipulation of the diverse 'Six Miniatures For Unaccompanied Viola,' while 'Favour' exits with a quivering, sometimes haunting display of string acrobatics that are as stunning as they are captivating." – Take Effect Review, September 2023


Ms. Reid’s playing delights with old-world and otherworldly charm.” - Raul Da Gama

That Canadian Magazine

A fierce champion of today's music.” - James Lowe

— Times Argus, Vermont